What is Status LED? Icons?

If I select status LED for a Eufy camera, does this just mean that an LED comes up on the camera to indicate what it is dong or does it have any impact on the camera’s ability to detect movement or record it.

Also is there any information page that tells you what all the different on screen icons in the Eufy app mean?

Many thanks


The status LED is something you turn on when you want to see if the camera is picking you up as you adjust position and sensitivity. You walk into the field of vision and the LED goes on, so you can adjust to your liking. When you have it where you want it, that’s it.

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Thanks for responding Joey, it sounds like there are two things that do the same thing as there is also the ‘motion test mode’ which makes a light flash when the camera sees you.

The status LED blink white when it’s recording do to an event, more of a visual indicator. Versus when you’re configuration for sensitivity and zones.

Ah, I understand - thank you

Fantastic, I had always wondered about that.

Is it okay to switch the status LED off without affecting the motion detect?

Yes thanks, i have the same question. Can it be turned off after it’s set up the way you need it?