What is right? color mode or night mode?

I got two cams in front of my door. When my outside light is going on, because somebody walks through, one cam switches from night pic(black/white) into color pic.
The other cam dont switch into color pic, only if i make the light brighter.
At daytime everything works fine.

So my question is…which one works like it should be?

@cat161 I have a very similar setup. The cameras switch to night mode (using infrared lights) depending on the amount of light the cameras need in their environment. Even if they’re both in similar positions, one could be sensing enough light that it doesn’t need the night mode, while the other could be right under the limit and stays in night mode (image is in black & white).

How you want them to turn on is your preference. If there is enough consistent light in the area, and you’d prefer the cameras to record in color, you can always uncheck the night mode for that particular camera. This way when it turns on, it will only record what the naked eye sees without the help from infrared light. This way in your example both cameras record in color.