What has happened to the app rotation

Since the last couple of updates to the eufy camera app the landscape rotation is not working correctly anymore it keeps jumping from landscape to portrait when held in landscape mode, it’s a bit of a headache and a mess, it never happened before on previous apps.


This has been mentioned in another thread if you search for landscape you should be able to find it, but agreed there is a problem it seems to happen more for Android phones from what I can see and only started happening since the last update for me.

On my iPhone this morning there was a new App update with some bug fixes so I’m hoping there will be a new version on the Google Play Store soon as well

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Eufy Support have confirmed an update is coming on the 3rd of June to resolve the issue


Thanks guys, glad it’s being fixed, it wasn’t an issue but now it’s pretty much unusable like this, constant rotating for no reason whatsoever.

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There was an App update last night / this morning v1.7.5_595(EU) for Android and this has now fixed the App Rotation issue for me now on my Samsung S8

Yes it seems it’s fixed here too on my OP 8 pro