Weather seal failure eufyCam 2 Pro

My three and a half week old eufyCam 2 Pro experienced a weather seal failure. I first noticed it earlier this week, when after some moderate rain the lens started fogging up internally and has remained that way since. I filed a warranty exchange with eufy, but they said that they won’t have any replacements in stock for a month. I noticed that the battery suddenly dropped from 95% last night to 55% this morning, even though the Power Manager doesn’t show any new detection events or recordings overnight. I can’t stream live video, either. I just took the camera down to inspect it, and I can hear the water sloshing about inside. The attached photo shows that the bottom of the back plate appears to be slightly lifted. Water drips out of the cam from that location when I hold the camera facing up. Eufy suggested that if I can’t wait over a month for them to send a replacement, I should exchange it at Best Buy, but BB won’t take it, because it’s past their 14 day return period. This is only one of a dozen issues I’ve had with these cameras.


Absurd that they would sell all that they produced and not hold any back for warranty exchanges. This company never ceases to amaze me.


@jake117 I’m in the same boat with you. I haven’t experienced this issue with my only one but many firmware issues , transformer issue, etc.

Ditto… me either.

Yep, I just had a Eufy Cam 2 fail after 13 months. Tipped it over and water has been leaking out. Looks like a seal failure. Perhaps a broader design/manufacturing issue?

I’m amazed that the almost worthless seal around the charge port doesn’t fail immediately. Who designs this crap?