Weather conditions causing problems can anyone help

Hi guys could anyone give me some advice I have the floodlight cam ,I set it up with no problems at all untill this evening it started to snow and it causing the cam to send notification after notification . I tried turning down the motion detection, down to one but it’s still picking up the snow falling has anyone got any ideas or will I have to turn off the notifications till the weather gets better .

@wen109 Unfortunately, the Floodlights do not have AI detection. So it’s pretty basic in getting triggered. Something changes in its view…it will record the event. Great in most cases, except when you add weather (ie snow, rain, blowing trees and bushes, trash blowing by, heck even animals, etc.)

The best bet is to set up motion detections and see if you can select certain areas that won’t get effected (at least while it’s snowing, you can always change it later), especially since you already switched motion detection to level 1 and you’re still getting triggers and notifications. Worst case scenario is to turn off motion detection during these times…but it defeats the purpose. Hopefully, someone else in this community has a different solution.

Thank you for the reply I guested their wouldn’t be much I could do about it . On a happier note I’m pleased with the quality of the video the cam give you so roll on better weather

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