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Come to get our most powerful security camera - Floodlight Cam 2 Pro


All-in-one floodlight camera with a powerful 360° pan and tilt capability. It features AI motion and human detection that will automatically lock on, record, and track any subject while it’s in on the move. It also features smart lighting which can adjust color temperature and brightness based on the sunrise and sunset, schedules, and motion detection.

Other cool features:

  • 2K full HD resolution
  • Full color night vision
  • Secure, local storage
  • IP65 waterproofing
  • 100 decibel anti-theft alarm

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for uk: eufy Security Floodlight Cam 2 Pro
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Instead of creating more products you should be working to make the ones you already have work as advertised


Hello Eufy middle and upper management,

If you don’t step up your smarthome automation game, you won’t have a standing chance against other brands.

Eufy Cameras as hardware and software are great, works wonderful and are good quality, but lacks badly the integration with another platforms, like IFTTT/SmartThings/etc.

So, as someone above me already said, instead of releasing new products and making a “quick buck” better improve your integrations of existing products, so people would be more appealed to buy your existing devices.


How about you just give us HomeKit support for the battery doorbell so we don’t have to jump through hoops and home assistant


I bought the eufy battery doorbell today, works good, but it won’t work with google home properly. I wont be buying any more or recommending any off eufy products until is sorted.


What isn’t it doing?

This might be helpful if you could duplicate the homebase alarm siren to this unit. Still no useful siren, compatibility with other 3rd party sirens.

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What are you 10 years old?

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Why is there no HomeKit support? Also, why is it so rare to find a black version of your products in the US market? I realize some people want the cameras to be noticed, but black is an easy option and I bet would be a good seller.

For some reason it looks like black options are only available in Australia and some through Best But.


I’ve been patiently waiting for you to update the firmware for my Eufycam 2c


@eufy might I suggest you try working more on fixings all the other problems people have pointed out and then work on implementing functions your community has been asking for (some times for years) before you release new products. Simple things, like scheduling geofencing that other companies have had for years, still haven’t been released and you are no longer even commenting on the threads about trying to fix/ or implement them….


What is not functioning properly? I had some trouble with it working with Alexa and it turned out to be a network issue.

Hey, when will this be available in Canada ?

Can theives totally erase the footage of this camera by pressing the sync button on this also?

Answer: yes they can. Eufy us unable/unwilling to fix this serious flaw. One can simply remove the doorbell hold the button for 10 second and leave with it knowing in all “security” that any recordings of him have been deleted. Unacceptable. Security by obscurity is not security.


hahahaha what an absolute JOKE of a company.

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All it will take is someone with a bit of social media presence to document this issue…‘ahem’ I mean erm… cough ‘feature’ and it will begin to spread like viral wildfire.

They have been incredibly lucky so far as this not being widespread knowledge but they are on borrowed time as ultimatley, while the customers don’t want this being public knowledge either, which has played a large part in keeping this out of mainstream knowledge but with the increasing number of us customers who are quickly becoming disgruntled EX- customers (myself soon to included, for other issues) who will no longer hold that same concern to keep it under wraps.

They are going to struggle dearly to put out the flames and that collateral damage will have some severe long lasting implications on future business for them. It’s only a matter of time.

and we all know the shift to calling this a feature instead of a flaw clealry came under instruction from the legal team :wink:


The fact that a thief can just unplug the homebase sounding an alarm is a joke too. No sounder, no alarm!!! It’s a really pile of dung alarm wise. Even floodlight cam Pro 2 which has an alarm is crap, as you can’t control cctv & alarm by keypad, or routine. You can however turn the light on and off! Lmao.

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