Watching videos recorded on Homebase on my PC

First post here. I just ordered a kit consisting of the Homebase + two E330 cameras (eufyCam E330 (Professional) 2-cam kit) and have been reading about the installation while I wait for it.

I read a few posts here but wasn’t able to get a definitive answer to my question on how to access recorded videos.

One thing that’s still a bit confusing is the video recording and later watching portion. It appears that it’s possible to watch the cameras live on the PC if we log to the Eufy’s portal. However, how can I watch the recorded videos on my PC and save some segments if I want to?

I’ll probably dedicate an Android tablet to control the Homebase and watch the cameras in real time. However, it’s a lot easier to watch video recordings and save segments using a PC. Is there a software or a way to do it?

Thanks in advance!

You can use an Android emulator on your PC and then install the Eufy Security android app. Its also possible to run Android in a VM on your PC and use the Eufy app. That allows you to see your cams on a larger screen and save the downloaded files on your PC rather than your phone.

I am currently using an older version of Bluestacks V4 on an old win 8.1 PC. Have a nice 32" monitor and it works for my needs. Only issue is I have had to use an older version of the Eufy app to get it to work. I don’t have any of the newer Eufy hardware and don’t plan on ever buying any, so not a problem. I did have the current Bluestacks 5 running on a test PC with the current Eufy app, but I needed that PC for another project and had to dump it.

There are a number of Android emulators that work on Linux, but haven’t tested them with Eufy. I run several distros on other PCs and will probably move in that direction as I don’t have any other Windows apps that absolutely need.

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Sounds like a great idea. I just saw that Bluestack is on version 10. So, I’ll give it a try. You mentioned using an older version of Eufy’s Android app. You do this because the newer versions do not support it?

If you use an older version of Bluestacks, the current Eufy app won’t display, so just using an older version on my old Win 8.1 PC. As long as that works, I don’t have to upgrade OS or Bluestacks.

I have used as high as Bluestacks 5 with the current Eufy app, but not 10. You might have to tweak things like the ABI setting from Auto to ARM, or it might work fine out of the box. BS5 required a lot of tweaking to get Eufy working, but maybe the V10 will require less configuration.

Good luck.

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