Wanted to get Eufy cameras, but too many features “coming soon”

Just wanted to share some brief feedback for Eufy. I am looking for a full camera system and was really hoping to use Eufy after researching and looking for Black Friday sales. After looking more there are several things that give me pause, I still have the cameras in my cart, but I may just wait for a more mature product or future updated cameras.

Biggest issue, wired cameras and wireless not sharing access to the homebase. Then the homebase is also not upgradable in storage! Seeing the issues on here and seeing that they have been waiting at times for a year with “coming soon” as an answer is not comforting when I’m looking at spending $700 on cameras. I fear the updates will never come, and or they will come to a new homebase 3 and version 3 cameras and my investment will be useless as far as working how I want.

I’ve looked and looked, just does not seem that Eufy is taking customer requests very seriously. As a potential new customer that makes me a bit scared of adopting the platform.

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@Razer As an owner of several Eufy products I understand you being hesitant in taking the leap in the Eufy ecosystem. Especially, with some of the comments you made which can be concerning.

However, I did the homework as well. Arlo, Ring, Wyze, Google Nest, Blink, etc. There is so much competition in this home security market…and they all have Pros/Cons. That’s the first thing to understand. There is NO one product that is perfect! The next thing to consider are your needs. Identify those first and then begin to see if Eufy checks those boxes. And I don’t mean what is coming in the future. I mean what do they do now.

Last, is to realize these systems are like any other technology. They will have a shelf life. Do not think these items will not get better or more affordable, because next year’s product will be a cooler toy than today. I did not buy my Eufy products because I thought they would last me 10 years. I know I’m not marrying these things, lol. These devices are to help me with my needs for today and in the near future. Like a smartphone, I’m hoping I can get 3-5 QUALITY years of service per device. Anything after that is a bonus.

Continue to do your research, see what makes sense for you and your environment, and then make a purchase. Afterwards, just like any buy…make the best of it. Most companies have a year warranty for defects. However, you’ll know within a couple of weeks if it meets your needs. If you’re spending $700 and you get 5 years from these products…that’s less than $12 a month for this investment. For three years that’s less than $20 a month. Now all you have to do is decide which specific products meet your needs.