Viewing more than one Camera/Feed at a time

We have 2 EufyCam Pro 2 outdoor cameras currently dedicated to view lessons for horseback riders. Is there a online app or a way to launch two cameras windows on the same device? Currently, the instructor views one view feed from her phone and one on her ipad. It would be ideal to have a web service or desktop app that she could launch more than one camera on multiple monitors (similar to traditional security camera setup in corp environment’s where you can surveil more than one camera at once). Is there anything to currently support this? Or do we have to go the route of multiple devices?

These are battery cams you want live views on? I also want this when something is going on … on my property and I want to view multiple cams at the same time in an “emergency” situation. Battery hit is fine in that situation.

You want this as a normal day to day ?

You can watch multiple camera views through Homekit on an Apple TV. However, as @chefrd alluded. These are battery cameras. If you want to stream live video for sometime….then I would suggest a wired camera, preferably a POE camera.