Viewing all cameras live

Hi is there any way to view all the cameras live simultaneously. At the moment i have to tap on each cameras icon to see the live feed and can only see one live feed at a time

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@gar1252 With the new update to Homekit, you can now see all your cameras at once.

how to do it in Android App?

@cf7 Unfortunately, there isn’t a way of doing it on the Eufy app.

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How about the web browser ( It should be an easy fix too.

Tinycam is what you’re looking for.

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My eufy cams take ages to connect there - if they even do. Obviously I’d be more than happy to use that app only but I don’t think eufy has any interest in fixing that. And why I think eufy is the one that should fix that and not the tinycam developer? Because my Arlo camera connects in 3-4 seconds in tinycam and works much more reliably.

This is only for HomeKit compatible cameras. Looked like all their new solo cams, doorbells, and floodlights don’t have HomeKit support

@Rod606 Pretty much…which is a shame. It’s also why some on here are not happy with the inconsistency of their products.

Homekit is one of the reasons that attracted me to Eufy in the first place. Now it seems like they’re going a different direction. Who knows. They rarely have any press on these type of matters and they ONLY focus on pushing out new products without fixing their current issues. Which is why I have stayed away from getting more gear from them.


Well, I have not tried it, but the only way I can think of doing this is to create one Eufy Sec account for each camera, which means using multiple e-mail addresses. Then start multiple browser windows and login with each account and show one camera for each account.