View recorded videos

How do I check on videos that are on continuous recording to see what happened just before the detection.

In the main screen under my devices press the play button for the camera that is recording continuously. You will automatically see “Live”. Next to Live is “Playback” scroll to the time frame you would like to view.
There is also a box with a 1x in it. If you want to view Playback of your event faster click on the box for 2x-4x8x or 16x normal speed.


I do see the playback tab for my outdoor cameras, however I do not see a playback for any of my video doorbells. I can only see recorded events from motion detection and live video. There is no continuous playback setting for the wired doorbell cameras therefore there is no playback setting either.

The doorbell camera is one of the most critical cameras of the security video surveillance system. I am curious as to why this very important feature was omitted from the doorbells. I have a brand new dual camera pro doorbell but to me, it’s inability to continuously record is a giant hole in my security apparatus.

For example: Someone drilled a hole in my neighbors van that was parked in front of my house. The neighbor asked me if my doorbell caught the person. It should have but activity with a car parked in front of the house is not picked up and therefore the evidence of the vandalism is not present. I had to go to my NestCAM which I keep as a backup as it does have continuous recording which I subscribe to. I was expecting my doorbell to replace the Nest but it cannot and I am stuck with the expensive subscription and a doorbell that lacks a basic element that other Eufy cameras capture.

If the Eufy wireless doorbell cameras have this feature, is it possible for me to trade them in? Otherwise I will be forced to sell and replace them because of this missing feature.

Thank you!

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Same here! Just bought the new dual camera doorbell and I can’t seem to view previous footage. I wonder if it’s because we need the home base to record to?