View cameras via a web browser/PC queries

Hi community,

I know you can log and view camera’s via but it seems to be laggy and flaky. Am I correct in thinking that to view your own cameras on your own local network, the traffic has to go to eufy servers first then back to my LAN again (to web portal)?

#1 Can I not log in to Homebase directly (at least when I am at home on the same local LAN) so that I don’t get any lag or routing issues?

#2 I manage to log in and view the cameras fine the first time, but after navigating the menus and back to view the cameras live, I sometimes get Failed to request.(20022) on the cameras. I have tried logging out and back in but still unable to view the live feeds. Any suggestions?

#3 There seems to be less functions in the web portal, e.g. setting Activity Zone, is there any plans to get more functions added to the web portal?

Thanks in advance.

I would also like to see some updates to get or view my files without having to use my phone. The android app is awkward. The web based camera viewer works only about half the time with several cams never loading unless viewed by the phone instead.

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