Videos stopped recording

I have multiple Eufy cameras (doorbell, floodlight cam, solar powered one) but none of them have recorded anything the past three days. Has anyone else had the same issue?

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Yes, SoloCam E20 stopped recording events 1.22.2023. Checked all settings, charged camera. Get notifications with thumbnail but no events recorded.

Just received the following update from EUFY chat 1.30.2023 7AMCT:

( 6m 23s ) Agent-Remi: Thank you for waiting, we are currently experiencing this issue on the app, we are very sorry for the inconvenience. Our team is currently fixing this issue as soon as possible. Can you leave your email and I will let our team experts help you in 1-2 business days for the follow-up of this case?

I still can view events and they are recording. However, I cannot download events to my Pixel 6 Pro anymore. The Eufy app and camera will start the process, but then the app just switches to the event list again without downloading anything. Specifically, I am trying to download files from a SoloCam S40.

My eufyCam 2 Pro home base quit recording any of my cameras on Jan 21. Can still see them live just won’t record.


I am having the same issues with my SoloCam E40. Says local storage is full and old videos will be recorded over, which is fine. However, it is not recording video and having issues replaying videos.