Videos hang as soon as I use mobile data. in the wlan everything works fine

Since today, i cant view saved videos.
videos hang as soon as I use mobile data. in the wlan everything works fine.
It also takes long to get access to the live view of my cameras.

Sometimes a message pops up:
Homebase 2 is fully occupied.
I dont understand, because there is a lots of free space.

Tried everything but nothing solved the problem.

It is only when i am using my mobile data. With Wlan everything works fine.

Do you more than 1 user on the system? This could happen if a second copy of the app is trying to access the same camera as you are.

If no, I would pull power from your homebase for 10 seconds or so and check to see if the problem persists. Maybe a router reset could help.

This could also happen if your internet connection upstream is constricted. Maybe someone uploading large files. The video clips are uploaded from the homebase to your device, so download speed doesn’t mean anything but upload is critical.

I made a reset of the home base today and added the two cams again…the problem still exist.
I will now return the set and buy a new one.
I suggest the home base is the problem.

If your videos work on your local LAN but not externally, its probably not the Homebase thats a problem. All videos, whatever the destination, get served from your local homebase. Videos viewed on your mobile have to go from the homebase, through the router, up to your ISP, and to your mobile provider before being served to a phone or tablet. With that many stops on the way, any one could delay or hang the process. Have you tried accessing with a different device using mobile connection?

Might not hurt to run speedtest from your LAN to see what the Upload connection speed is. Eufy specs are 2 Mpbs but that’s pretty slow. Mine varies from 5-6 Mbps and saved or live view videos load in 2-3 seconds.

Thanks for your reply.
My upload connection is 3mbps.
I got LTE wit round about 50mbps and good signal
I tried another mobile phone and another mobile carrier and the problem was still the same.
Then i tried with the home base of my neighbour and everything works fine.

Tomorrow i will get my new set, then i can tell you more :wink:

Check your router’s settings, eufy is ‘not allowed’ to leave your home network for some reason.
This can happen to other devices connected to the internet as well, so keep that in mind in the future.