Videos from all cameras have masses of thin lines swirling around at night

All the cameras (eufy cam2) have a mass of swirling lines on the video and this was setting off motion detection. It started a couple of weeks ago but it’s getting worse so that I disarmed the system last night

Is this due to weather, or was it a clear night?
Are the lenses dirty or anything? The IR light might bounce off and make it look like it’s dirty.

I do not have outside cameras but wonder if it is from moisture from temperature changes or something like that…

Last night the weather was fine and the cameras were cleaned yesterday

By chance when the cameras were the same as last night, I decided to switch auto night vision off and on on each camera and the problem sems to have cleared- for now!Watch this space.

Little Bugs?

Had this same thing happen to me last night. Was a light foggy night. Water droplets in the mist hit by the IR???

It’s water, I get it on misty/foggy nights. One camera out the front is set back undercover and has no issue, but the other camera at the front is prominent and displays the same issue you have when in IR (Black and White) mode.