Video white out

Since the recent firmware update all live camera stream starts with a white out and takes a few seconds to calm down. Anyone else noticed this?


Yes, I have noticed this too. I am speaking to support and apparently there is a new firmware they are waiting to release. (V2.1.0.1h)

Also noticed here. I don’t see it on the doorbell, but do on the cam 2. When it’s darker outside it’s no so bad, but still does it.

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Exactly the same. The doorbell starts up really well; nice colour and no harsh noises. The cam2 is awful - white out and a nasty noise.

Just what I was looking for. I thought my second camera was a lemon when I swapped the first for charging.

Thanks for your message.

Really sorry to hear that the camera stream starts with a white out. Please contact us via and provide us with a video to show this issue. Then we can locate the issue as soon as possible and find a solution for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yes, I’ve experienced the same issue. It almost makes the camera worthless because you can miss fast moving objects during the white out. This appears to be affecting a lot of users following the last firmware update

Same issue as well. Hopefully the new firmware will be out soon and it is resolved. This wasn’t an issue prior to the most recent update.

Is this issue ever going to be fixed? Wtf? I unfortunately purchased the cameras when the firmware was rolled out… so an over exposed start is all I have ever experienced and funny enough, that’s the exact time where you need to see what’s recorded the most.

I hope it’s a firmware issue and not hardware. 2 out of 5 of my eufycam 2c has developed this and have tried resetting it by unpairing and repair and still doesn’t work. If it’s a firmware then why is 3 of my other cameras working fine.

Same problem lately after updates.

Does Eufy fix their problem?
I submitted ticket. Pls submit ticket as this is annoying bad