Vidéo streaming issue on echo show and n'est hub

Cannot see vidéo on echo show device and Google nest hub since 1 day same issue for videodoorbel, caméra eufy ec2 doesnt respond when i Ask echo device same on nest hub same issue for security vidéo doorbel …only 2k cam work with Amazon skill … Please do something

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I also can no longer stream to google nest home.
I myself have the suspicion that this is due to an update from Google “Google Assistant Features and Updates”
I read the following (maybe this is the cause): “Better streaming
We’ve added support for WebRTC, an open-source communications protocol that reduces latency for an improved live video and audio streaming experience between security cameras, video doorbells, smart displays and mobile devices. Top device manufacturers, including Arlo, Logitech, Netatmo and Wyze, are among our first partners to integrate WebRTC with Google Assistant and more will join in the coming weeks.”

Same here. It starts streaming sometimes but soon ends up on a screen saying eufy security and I get nowhere. Opens afterwards with same screen. No controls. Nothing. Signal good. Streams fine in app and even over a weak cell signal. But not Google home.

Can Eufy please respond to this repetitive issue???

I tell my Amazon Echo Show 10 to show me the doorbell. I have the wireless 2k doorbell. The screen immediately pulls up saying Eufy Security. Then it takes quite a while for it to bring up the actual live footage (if ever). This is very unacceptable since the purpose of having the Eufy Skill integrated with my Echo Show is to find out who’s currently at the door from my kitchen, NOT to see the live footage 90 seconds from now as my guest is halfway down my driveway leaving already!

Please respond and help get this resolved.