Video stream not available on Google home hub for eufy security cam

I have installing indoor cam 2k pan & tilt, all function works fine, also integration in homekit. However want to use google home hub for streaming and it says “stream is actualy not available”
Do you have any idea what to do? Installation and connection to google home was successful, only stream doesn’t work

Have you tried doing a factory reset of the Google hub? I know users have had success doing so in the past


I have the same problem.

Did you find the solution ?


It’s been “broken” since the changes that came in to “fix” the security breach.
The portal also says my doorbell is “off” when it’s not.

I suspect this is because they’ve added timed “tokens” to the camera feed, which you need to create/auth via your phone app, they’ve inadvertently (or temporarily) broken the way the Google/Cast/Home kit could get to the feed.

Shouldn’t be hard if they did it right - you add Eufy to Google Home so there should be oAuth in place, and that should allow creation of a “one time” feed link each time you view (or that ran for a bit, issued a 302 REDIRECT and issued a new one every so often)

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Fix this at once EUFY.
Surely you realize that the box and advertising states “works”.

In the current app 4.6.0_1630 as of 4/3/2023
Settings/works with/Google Assistant gives detailed information
on how to rack your brain for hours on end with resets and uninstalls only to find that
it doesn’t work at all and it is nothing a home user can do.

It’s been going on for some time and if you’re not going to fix it Eufy, don’t list as an asset for your product.
Causing people grief for no reason.

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Hi - I’m new here (just bought a 2c multi-cam kit) and pissed off with the assistant not working. BTW I could get Alex/Firetv to show a live stream but that’s not the point - our main TV is google based…

Does EUFY read these forums? Do the (ever) respond?


I recently installed the Eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt, and I must say, all its functions are working flawlessly. I even managed to integrate it successfully into my HomeKit ecosystem. However, I’m facing a peculiar issue when trying to stream the camera feed on my Google Home Hub. Whenever I attempt to start the stream, I receive an error message stating, “Stream is actually not available.” It’s perplexing because the installation and connection to Google Home were both successful; it’s only the streaming feature that seems to be encountering difficulties.