Video stop at the same frame after 1 second

I had experienced an issue that when Eufycam video stops at the same frame after 1 second.
It only happens on the first video that sensed a motion. the 2nd video after that will work just fine.
I assume that is the cam is waking up from sleep that causing this issue? or wifi?
Please advice

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What are your homebase (2) firmwares?
If updated, did you reboot the system?

Yeah it’s the latest firmware and i did restart the system couple of times.

I read people’s new videos are working, but their old videos don’t.
I will check my system, because I think I noticed the bug is still there.

EDIT: wow okay, just checked, issue still present on @AnkerSupport, issue is not fixed

I’ve have the same issue are you using Android phones by any chance?

I’ve had the problem on my samsung galaxy s8 but when I check the same video recordings on my work phone which is an iphone it worked ok no issues playing

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Same problem here

It’s solved in eufy app v2.0.1_676!