Video Event Collection View

I wish there were options on how to view your videos instead of day by day. Maybe something like:

  1. Show all videos from Doorbell in chronological order, do a separator line when new day

January 1 2020

Video 1
Video 2

January 3 2020

Video 4

January 10

  1. Much like the options are now (You can select multiple cameras like your doorbell or floodlight), offer multi view, but also live multi view
  2. Offer a Web Portal to host locally (non-resolvable outside the LAN), so that users can view on a bigger screen/laptop

With reference to point 1 they should add it to the Filters so you have a From and To dates

So From 01/06/2020 To 18/06/2020 then as normal choose for which cameras and it could then filter the results you need

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Great idea there @LeeH