Video Doorbell Motion

So having had chance to play about with the battery 2k doorbell this weekend I really can’t decide wether to return!!

Pro’s : The camera picture is good.
Connecting to live stream relatively fast…

Can’t comment on battery life .

Cons: Motion detection really is bad :disappointed:

I have an internal. YI camera that has a view of my lounge window… this morning my YI alerted me to movement and my EUFY nothing🤷🏻.

Settings are set to highest sensitivity aswell. Think another day or two to make up my mind but right now I feel it’s not worth the money.

Is this a hardware or a fault of the firmware?

Could be a couple of reasons it isn’t working.
The activity zone should be set up correctly.
The sensitivity could be too high, check the Power Manager stats for that. If it has many false events, the doorbell performs less to save battery.
The Power Manager profile can also play a part in this. Which one is active?
The app should not be battery optimized, otherwise the operating system could kill the app in the background and you don’t get notifications.

Motion detection works poorly here. Detection finds place when you are standing at the doorbell.

tried this on every Power Manager setting.

Remove activity/ignore zones if you have any, ensure the right sensitivity setting is selected and give it a try.
You can contact for additional support.