Video doorbell (battery) Motion detection

Hi all

Just received my new battery video doorbell last night and have set it up.

I’m having a few problems that I would like some help with.

Firstly, it only seems to alert me/start recording when someone actually opens my gate and walks down the path, whereas I’d quite like some notifications when things happen on the path which is in clear view of the camera. I don’t have a massive front garden, it’s only about 3 metres from the doorbell to the fence so any human movement on the street is quite clearly within the activity zone. I currently have it set to ‘Human Only,’ but it isn’t picking up any human movement on the street.

Secondly, in the box for Activity Zone, and also mentioned on other posts on this forum, reference is made to ‘Human Upper Body’ detection type, however in the options I only have the choice between Human Only, or All Motions. Can anyone help with this please?


Hello joe.patrick,

For your first question: I found that the doorbell requires some tweaking. I’m not sure what the fence looks like or what height the doorbell is at.
If you have the battery doorbell, what Power Manager mode is it set to? Battery optimized stops motion detection. The activity zone and sensitivity settings also play a big part in the tweaking process. So you best try some settings and test them. If you want to, you could also share a screenshot of the settings and activity zone so we can give some tips for optimization.

As for the second question: it’s just human or all motion. I take it the human detection is based on the upper body or that it’s a textual problem in the app. So there’s not something you are missing out on. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply. It’s set to all motion and most sensitive. Still despite this it only pings an alert or similar if someone opens the gate and walks toward it.