Video Doorbell audio and video out of synch!

I’ve noticed on some of my doorbell recordings that the audio and video is sometimes out of synch. For instance, I answer the doorbell, physically, not using the app, and start to talk to the person, but the audio is lagging behind the video image by 5 seconds or more. I’ve even noticed sometimes I’m saying hello to them as they’re walking away!.
Anyone else had the same problem?

I am also experiencing the same audio and video sync issue. I have logged a call but I feel nothing will come of it. Purely because of the copy and paste response I received.
There needs to be an option with the app to sort this sync issue or a firmware update.
It’s not a network issue as has been suggested.
I would be interested to hear if you got your issue resolved or response back from anyone.

Thank you

Same here with my doorbell. When I watch back audio and video are way out of sync.