Video doorbell 1080p chime rings frequently by itself

since one week i have the doorbell mounted and configured. Today the chime is ringing quit frequently (say 4 -5 times per hour) by itself, without any trigger (no signal on mobile nor event trigger).

what’s wrong?

I presume that you have a wired doorbell - maybe the 2K battery version, with option to wire it in? If so, there’s always a small current passing through the 2-wire system to power the doorbell camera (and charge its battery, if fitted) and the chime unit is on the same wire. When the bell push is pressed then a full current is passed which triggers the chime mechanism. Mine is set up in this way and I measured the current when the doorbell isn’t pressed; it is low but measurable, and likely to be greater when the battery charge drops to below 80% and the unit starts to recharge itself.

If your chime unit is very sensitive - maybe electronic rather than the old-fashioned mechanical solenoid-type - it could be that it is detecting the residual current being passed by the doorbell even when the push button isn’t being pressed. I suspect that this is why Eufy doesn’t recommend wiring an electronic chime. into the system.

I had the same issue to after installing it runs 2 to 3 times a month and I called support recently and they advised me to re-sync the chime ( go to Eufy app setting) . since I month now no more chime ringing by iitself . They also offer me to get a new chime free since it is still under warranty. It seems that it is normall issue.