Video and sounds problem in Floodlight cam 2 pro after updating to 3.3.4 iphone

After updating the app to 3.3.4 in my iphone videos in Eufy Security app are showing in slow rate like slow motion and the sounds are breaking continuously. I have a floodlight cam 2 pro! I tested it in my another iphone which runs version 3.3.3 and everything works fine! Can you please fix that! It is very annoying!


Exactly same problem.

Problem is not solved in 3.4.0!

Same problem here. Watching video in notifications is choppy/slow motion. Once downloaded to my phone it plays normal. Hoping they can fix this soon as I mostly watch the notification videos to see what the activation was.

I am also having this same problem. Video will play fine after its downloaded to phone. But who wants to do that.