Very Disappointed with detection

So, got a new house and went all in on Eufy because I have heard great things. I bought the 11s vacuum, 2 Cam 2c’s and the doorbell. Doorbell won’t work at all. Been trying to for 2 days. Comes up fine, wont connect to wifi. Keeps saying server busy constantly…

Cam 2c’s WOW, picture looks great!! Love the spotlight and the talking/hearing!! Zone detection… TRASH!!!

See the attached pictures. Someone has to be less that 15 feet away from the cameras for them to pick up. Thats pointless!! I have maxed out Detection Sensitivity and have Power Management on Optimal Surveillance but nothing. I have to be 15 feet away to be detected.

Am I missing something or is that the best I am going to get?

What happens if you remove the activity zone so anything in view will trigger?

Try continuing to use the all motion setting (based on your scenario in the pics) and dialing it back if it’s giving false pushes you don’t want. Expanding the activity zone may push out the detection to where you want it. I’d stretch it along your fence line in the back and above your trucks on the front, you don’t have trees to worry about or bushes setting it off.

thanks for the reply. I actually have 0 activity zones set. I figured that was the case as well and deleted them… Still nothing

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That’s not good news :frowning:

I have my garage 2c as below, it only gets false notifications when a car comes round the corner in the dark and the headlamp wash sets it off, but it gets set off right at the edge of the grass. I added 3 zones to get it where I wanted it to avoid getting the passing cars notifications.

Of course there’s no buffer in the Eufy battery cams so it looks like objects are a lot closer when the cam fully wakes up and kicks in the recording.

Hard wired with pre-roll crushes these battery deals, the only Eufy I still have up is that garage one in the pic, and it comes down today.

I had to dumb down the Eufy detection to stop it getting the kids all the way up the street setting the cam off riding by on their bikes (even though it was outside the activity zone) so I know it’s capable of being triggered from afar. I ended up adjusting the angle so the camera only saw my boundaries.

Here’s my ring flood light cam, wired up about 6 feet away, same height, motion zones work perfectly (with the same floodlight wash caveat). I’d rather get falsies than set it to human only.

yeah I had a ring doorbell that worked fine, just wanted the facial detection and all cameras in 1 app instead of having to open 2 different apps… Guess I need to just send these back and get the Rings


The detection you give in your orange lines is by design.

Make these activity zones smaller. Have the same with my doorbell, it seems it detects a bit outside the bounds. Also, try shifting the sensitivity. This actually helped me as I get no false detections anymore.

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