Verification code

I have to put in a verification code EVERY single time I log in, which makes no sense since I have added my device on as a trusted device and I have enabled face ID. Why do I need to put in an extra code,it does nothing but make getting into your camera a hassle. This really slows you down when you want to check into your camera in a hurry. Eufy either has to remove the verification code feature altogether or have a feature where you’re logged in to your account for a week, let’s say, without needing to log in on a trusted account. I know that I’m not the only one who’s annoyed by the verification code.


I am having the exact same problem but it only started a couple days ago. It is a real headache to have to enter a code every single time I login with Face ID or touch ID. I think this needs to be addressed as to how to turn it off.