V4.4.4 APP update Issues

Here I am again requesting assistance to get my system to work after yet another update to the App.
This is ridiculous. It was working prior to this update
Where can I go to get a previous version of the APP?

ANDRIOD OCT 8, 2022 - v4.4.4_1458(US)
IOS OCT 12, 2022 - v4.4.4_1045

AM I THE ONLY ONE EXPERIENCING THIS PROBLEM? Just like this support forum my no longer works. Unless i use a desktop.
Eufy officials do not respond and assist.
What a disappointment.

You can get current and older updates for Android on Apkmirror.com. I have been using this site for several years and haven’t had any issues.

Note when you search for Eufy Security you will get a list of app versions available. When you pick one, you will usually see 2 different apps with the same version number. The one with “bundle” in the description comes with some other apks that you may or may not want. The one without " bundle" is the one you want.

I didn’t update because I saw no reason. Turn off your auto updates so this stuff won’t happen. I never update when these new ones come out at first. I always wait no matter what companies because of these types of problems.

Good luck