Using 2 Homebase’s with 1 app account t

Hi. I have just installed a Eufy 2C set up. Multiple cameras with a Homebase. I then have a seperate Homebase for my garage. Please could someone tell me how I can configure the Eufy app so that I can see all cameras/Homebase’s together. Many thanks.


Just add the additional homebase & anything that you want to connect it to
All shows up on main page & in my devices


Can the automations be used to trigger the alarm on both Homebase’s?

Nope you can’t link the homebases for alarm, doorbell, automations
Automations only work between devices paired to the same homebase
Automations also don’t include the homebase, only sensors & cameras

Can I hook up my second Homebase 2 at the opposite end of the house to extend my Wi-Fi range

Homebase won’t have any effect on your home WiFi but if you are on about the camera connection then you can split your cameras between 2 homebases

Thank you. Then at this time I really don’t nee d two home bases turned on.
Also I use my two old cellphones for wifi
Works great. Is there any limit as to how many phones can be used as security monitors. Between my wife and myself there is four but one always is signed out, i have to sign it back in.

So to be clear, if I had a home base at my residence and another at a rental, the app will handle both just fine?

@Ksh Yes, you can have two separate homebase units, in two different locations all in one app.

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Our house and “pool house” have two different routers but on the same connection. My sensors in the shed don’t connect to the Homebase in my home. I want the alarm of the homebase going off if someone enters the Pool House, but since there is no connection to the Homebase, it is not possible.

If I put a second Homebase in the Pool House, I wouldn’t hear the alarm in my house. What can I do to fix something like this?

Red is sensor, yellow is wired-connected routers, green is homebase (upload://iwBgtpTCmxCEc8AlSz1qWmxfyyO.png)

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+1 here. We need to be able to integrate multiple Homebases and their connected sensors, otherwise we can’t monitor and protect larger homes.

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+1 Please!

+1 we need to be able to use multiple home bases and trigger alarms on both @Mengdi

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Homebases talking to each other is a must have, especially to manage a large home.
Both this and the external siren request comes up very often, but Eufy seems to turn a blind eye to these, I wonder why…

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Write this at

Is there any update on this?