Use entry sensor for snooze function on camera

It would be nice if the entry sensor could activate/deactivate the snooze function on cams.

If I open the door to the garden, the goes automatically to snooze, and when I close the door to the garden the cam wakes up from snooze and starts to monitor the surroundings again. Note not all cameras, but the ones I choice.

You can set up geofencing so this happens when you are at or near certain cameras. I have mine set to deactivate my garage camera when I’m working in the garage, but once I leave the proximity it turns it back on

But geofencing just does not work! I have had my system for a year now and geofencing has never worked once. This is a well requested fix and Eufy refuses to do anything about it or acknowledge it, quite poor really.

Geofencing Does work, I use it like I said for my cameras. When I’m home they switch to standby mode and once I leave the proximity they switch to alarm mode. I don’t know what phone your using but it does in fact work for android.

You said you have had your system for over a year, when was the last time you tried geofencing? Because once it became available to use, its what I set my system up with and have been ever since

I heard someone had to reset the homebase to make it work, and in the end it did! So maybe this is the last step to take :slight_smile:

all we need is an homekit integration so we cam switch arming camara via homekit
but this is also noct implemented
This would be my favorite Wish because i do not want that so mny apps unsing the geofencing function it only cost battery
Apple by themselv have alwasy your location on

yes for one person it works but not for maily members