USB Constant Power

I’ve been having major issues trying to hardwire my battery doorbell. I even tried a new one through warranty, different transformers, different gauge wiring, nothing worked. Would it be acceptable to just run a power supply via USB cable to the USB port in the back of the doorbell while it’s mounted? Constant power all the time that way? I would put silicone around the connector so it would be water resistant

In theory this would work fine although the messing around you would need to do for this probably out weighs you just taking it off the wall every 6 months for a few hours then clipping it back in. Plus that won’t be great for the battery if you do ever want to just use the battery.

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I thought about doing this with one of those flat ribbon cables/right angled connector and feeding it through the door arch or using a porch light with a USB adapter.

We know the battery doorbell can be hardwired by design so that should be ok.

I’ve seen where the volts fluctuate a lot when people have had success or not, multiple current threads even now, maybe the more consistent answer is the amps.