Upselling, please stop!

Ok, I get it.

Eufy and Anker you want us to buy more of your products.

After the most recent app update, we definitely get the flipping point!

Can we please have the new Explore option removed from the bottom menu and have it relocated in the drop-down menu above Referral, labeled Store or Shop?

I’m happy to see what products you have and what’s on offer. But please don’t ram it down my throat every time I open the app.

If you want me to buy more of your products, improve your functionality, and listen to your community.



Totally agree. Having it front and center feels like something from a free service. I paid a lot of money for my Eufy system and I don’t appreciate the advertising push, as subtle as it may be.

Move the store to the off canvas menu please.

@chris854 @Twist I can see your points. However, I’m trying to see things objectively from a company and user experience.

I too have purchased many Eufy security cameras and have invested lots of dollars on their products. One of the biggest reasons for choosing their system was because I could control my cameras with no fees or cloud services. Their business and profit model does not include making future dollars off of us through monthly services (like others), but only on the sales of purchasing their future security products.

If that means as users we have an “Explore” tab, I’m not completely against it. As long as they do not include pop up adds or anything constant for promotion purposes. Naturally, if they continue to release new cool security items that I can use, I will continue to purchase them as long as they maintain their quality and effectiveness.

A quick place to access their product items on their app…is reasonable. Asking us users for feedback on their products…is appreciated. Maintaining their apps and equipment for years…a MUST!!