Upgraded to 2C pro - nightly detection insufficient?

Hi all,
I upgraded my 2Cs to 2C pros (identical position, identical settings) only to find out, that the nightly visits of the neighbours cats (mutiple per night) are not detected anymore.
The sensitivity is up at 7, all movements should be detected, but nothing ever is recorded at night.
Any ideas???

Double check and make sure motion is set to ON an that all motion is selected and not just human motion

Thx, I did of course,

  • I turned motion off and on and
  • changed the options back and forth (all motion)
    (It really should not matter, even if set to “human” at night all motion is detected).
    Any other ideas?
    Is the motion sensor different between 2C and 2C pro?
    Is there anyone from Anker/Eufy reading this?