Updating payment method

I have been trying to update my payment method for cloud storage as my old card has expired. Despite numerous attempts to contact Eufy, I haven’t received a reply and my account has now been deleted. Any advice would be appreciated.

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How do you get a solution for this?
I have the same problem!

Are we ever going to get an update on this? It shouldn’t be this difficult.

Did anyone ever get this figured out? Having the same issue

Having the same issue. any solution?

Same issue?

In regards to the payment issue unable to being changed: The only work around I have found was to cancel the plan before it expired then re-enroll as a new account. It is a pain but it has worked thus far. Other than that, there is no simple fix.

Update: Recieved this statement from tech support Monday morning- 7.31.23
“The payment cannot be updated directly, would you please subscribe to new monitoring service plan again by following the app instruction using a new card when the subscription expires”

This response may be the monitoring service however I would not be suprised that this is the same process for cloud recordings.