Update to homebase2

Since the last update of the homebase ( my doorbell and 3 cameras have stopped working. I get a message that they are busy. I then tried to restart the homebase via the app, but now I get an error code in the app - 126. Then I took the power off the homebase2 and reconnected it after 5 minutes. But nothing works anymore. I’m so fed up with this because we are leaving for Christmas today. Now my house is unprotected. Eufy, roll back the update.

@richardweijens sorry to hear that. Have you tried to speak with support via live chat or phone call?
I am just updating my HB2 as I type this, can troubleshoot if I see any issues from my side.

My homebase2 is updated now, and no issues at least on my battery doorbell. I can’t speak for the other cameras as I don’t have them.

Ugh!!! Woke up with several cams offline. (Has not happened since last update). Then I noticed the blue LED on the front of the Homebase was off? Yep updated at 5am

It’s a mess… I really wish they would stop forcing updates. Ugh

Same here. All three cameras are offline now and I am away from home. This is nonsense - what’s the point of pushing updates that end up disabling the system?

Mine just got pushed 2 hours ago and no issues with 6 cams, doorbell, entry sensors, and keypads. Everything works and nothing went off line.

I agree, Eufy should not push their updates and allow the user to do it manually. Especially, because they create new issues that weren’t there before. For me, they’ve had multiple problems either with homabase or app updates. As soon as things are working well…they do something to “update” it. Like I’ve mentioned before…Eufy needs to focus on their app and that their devices are reliable. Be great in a certain areas and build trust in your consumers, BEFORE moving forward with new products.

Several of my homebase units were updated. I had one go offline two days ago. I haven’t had that issue since the Summer. I hope were not going backwards when the bases were constantly busy and it took forever to connect!!

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