Update has caused wifi issues

Ever since a couple updates ago, I have had issues with one of my cameras. I was hoping it would sort it with the last update, but it’s still the same.
It randomly comes up with camera not available. Which is more often than not. It was fine before, but I’m wondering if it’s caused a range issue now?
Anyone else had this issue?

It may depend on how you got your system set up. Do you have a homebase? How is it connected?

When the camera is unavailable is the homebase front light turning from blue to red.

If around my house if my internet modem goes off, I find my homebase will turn red although my homebase is connected to the router. So it may be an issue other than the homebase or cameras.

Even with normal usage, I have reset the modem or router to refresh the connection (turn off and back on).

This is usually a simple fix to try first. then watch your homebase when the connection is lost by the camera.

Thanks for the reply. I have 3 cameras connected to the Homebase.
All the others are fine, it was just the 1 camera. I think there has been a Homebase update since and it hasn’t done it since. Hopefully it’s sorted the issue.

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Scrap that message.
Now I am getting issues with 2 cameras. Randomly saying unavailable or won’t connect when trying to view.
Starting to get frustrated with this system now!

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