(Update) False positives on door sensors (which aren't saved)

After I come home and turn off the alarm I get a false notification (after x minutes) that my door has been open for x amount of minutes even though it’s closed. No event is saved though.

Edit3: if I open the sensor in the app directly after closing the door, it does show the door is still open. If I pull down too update, it does change to ‘closed’, But I still get the notification after x minutes, and still no event is saved

The notification occurs only on my pull down screen of the phone as a push notification. It doesn’t occur inside the app. and isn’t saved in the event list. Sensor is 2 meters away from homebase2 so that shouldn’t be the issue

I suspect it has something to do with the door being open while turning off the alarm, I’ll check later of it occurs as well if I close the door before turning off the alarm.
Edit: it also happens when leaving the door closed before turning on the alarm

Edit2: maybe similar related problem, when leaving the house, the REAR door triggered the override warning, that it was still open. After checking (it wasn’t open) I noticed the system never received the close command. I opened and closed the door and the override warning disappeared. Sensor is 9 meters away from homebase2 with one 7cm wall in between so reception shouldn’t be the issue (and hasn’t been before as well)

Seems like a bug/bugs to me, any suggestions?

I forwarded your message to the devs. Though I’m not certain it is your post that got it on their agenda, I got an update this morning which states something about the door sensor.
Generally when it states something is changed in the area of a particular product (like this sensor) it means that other problems are more likely to have been fixed.
The firmware version is, if you get the update, try your scenario again and see if is fixed.

Screenshot of the update notes: