UPDATE! Bad stuttering in recordings

All 3 eufycam-2 pro cameras have very bad stuttering in the recordings, even if I download the video it’s still stuttering.

It’s not my Internet, my previous blink cameras worked fine and I’m getting 200mb.

Tried changing to 1080p, moving the homebase2 closer, messed with all sorts of settings, re synced everything, nothing works.

According to eufy support its a firmware issue, I’m not so sure.

My eufy solocam l40 that does not connect to the homebase works perfectly.

I have 10 cameras, five different ways to store video, and have experienced this. Try resetting the home unit in the app. This should restart the camera connected as well. If that does not work, contact Eufy.

One thing some people may not have mentioned is that everytime you connect an iot (Internet of Things), to your home network, you begin to bog down your internet. See, each and every TV, fridge, smart lock, tablet, phone, etc., & every single camera you connect to that hub will slowly degrade the value of your overall internet speed. IOT’s, like a website, sporadically reach out to communicate with its host, which requires internet data. You may think you have 200Mbps from Comcast, but you actually only have access to 50 with all those devices connected.

Eufy will never be perfect unless you have enough juice to support it, the second you add another device to your hub your access to speed decreases. We own 8 cameras that are each split between two hubs with at least two dozen other iot’s connected to a guest network. The only way all that junk stayed stable, was by increasing our internet speeds. We currently have 800Mbps subscription, but I only have access to ~ 550-650Mbps at any given time. Eufy has never been so smooth, trust me, when we had 250 Mbps we use to hound Eufy every week about constant integrity issues with their software; bad or unfound recordings, poor video, delays & disconnections. Not any more.

Among many options to try, make sure you have enough juice. Those cameras take up more internet real estate than you think.

I have a few of these cams and they do stutter…. But not bad at all. I wonder if they have made modifications to the hardware like they did with the 2c units with the chip shortage ? ( mine are over a year old )

Want to see real stuttering? I should upload some clips from my C24 outdoor! Now that thing is bad!!! It’s like a magic trick on every recording. It clearly doesn’t have the horsepower to handle the tasks. Recording is smooth on 24/7 recording until an event happens and then it’s a total mess.


I contacted EUFY support, they ended up telling me it was a firmware issue and an update would fix the problem. I told them i was not willing to wait for an update that could be months, so they sent me new cams but they did the exact same thing.
I contacted support again, they explained that I will be getting any firmware update in the next 24 hours to fix the issue, so an hour later my cams had an update that has now resolved the stuttering.

I’m having the same problem. I have one camera, one homebase, with gigabit internet, no other devices running. I have the homebase next to the router, with the camera directly connected.

The clips stutter hard, but the live stream is perfect. I’ve messed with the settings but nothing works.

My firmware is

This is still going on. I have 1200mbps plan. My Arlo cameras never did this and still don’t. It’s definitely a firmware issue.