Unsyncable Feeling

I’m truly feeling I’ve made a mistake purchasing this product. I truly believe that Eufy does have a possibly great product but fall short on the App / Customer service. Point and case with current server outage and not notifying customers when our security was vulnerable. Second case, customer services isn’t available on weekends , when I have notice that’s when issues arises. I’m currently unable to sync my camera back to the system. After it stopped detecting (so I can reset it) I have tried everything but to no avail. I believe it’s upgraded flaw on the app. I’m also having issues viewing current notification. It would play previous viewed video. When new notifications are selected. Any suggestions, please

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For fast assistance of our customer service, please send email to support@eufylife.com.

You will get answers in 24 hours.

indeed. Focus on getting in touch via their e-mail support. They mentioned that they do read the forum, but are unable to respond to all inquiries within a certain timeframe.

Answer in 24 hours when their server is down is not a great response time frame.

Also, marketing something to be “local” should mean that. That we can access EVERYTHING LOCALLY EVEN WHEN THEIR SERVER IS DOWN! But no, we need to rely on their server to access the recordings stored LOCALLY!

So false marketing!


App connects to the device through P2P to view the video in the device. Creating this P2P connection requires Server assistance.

Why not make it so we don’t need server assistance. The system has a local IP address, why doesn’t the app just connect through that? This is frustrating.