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Today we would like to share another feature of the eufyCam E with you. One which we believe will be very helpful for your future use. Let’s have a look!

eufyCam E Wi-Fi Connection

For this month’s installment, we’ll be looking at how your Wi-Fi Connection can influence eufyCam E’s functionality.

Occasionally, users have reported weak signal to their camera(s). This is most likely a result of location restrictions from having to maintain a wired connection between router and HomeBase. We’ve just released a cool update which completely removes this limitation. Your HomeBase can now go wireless. Simply follow the instructions in the app to find the perfect location for your HomeBase.

How I can use this feature?

To set up a Wi-Fi Connection for your HomeBase please follow the instructions below -

->Click on the app sidebar (top left corner of the homepage);

->Click “My Devices” and click on your “HomeBase Settings”;

->Click “Connection” to enter the Settings page, and then click “Wi-Fi Setup”.

Select your Wi-Fi from the Wi-Fi list (the same used by your phone), and configure Wi-Fi to the HomeBase;

→ Remove the wired connection cable from your HomeBase. You will hear a series of voice prompts saying “HomeBase is disconnected from the network”, followed by “Switched to the repeater mode”. This indicates that HomeBase has entered “Wi-Fi Connection Mode”. You can now try to locate the most suitable position within your home to plug in and reconfigure while checking signal strength.

->Finally, please return to the main page of the app and check the live stream of each camera.

How do I test the signal between my router and devices?

1) Testing the signal between HomeBase and your router:

The pictures below demonstrate scenarios in which poor signal may occur and how to resolve the problem using HomeBase Wi-Fi Connection. Picture 1 is a typical scenario showing the issue some users are experiencing. By activating Wi-Fi Connection you can move the HomeBase to a more suitable location. However, you must ensure there is a strong signal connection between HomeBase and your router. Picture 2 demonstrates incorrect positioning of the HomeBase. While repositioning, if the LED shows red and you hear a beeping sound it means the signal strength is too weak. Shorten the distance between HomeBase and the router until the LED shows white and the beeping stops.

(as shown in Picture 3).

:arrow_down: 1.1 Typical scenario of weak camera signal

:arrow_down: 1.2 Scenario showing incorrect distance between HomeBase and router

:arrow_down: 1.3 Scenario showing the correct positioning for HomeBase

2) Test the signal between HomeBase and camera(s):

You have now set up your HomeBase in a suitable location. If you are still experiencing a weak signal for one of your cameras we recommend changing the location of the camera itself. Move the camera and use the signal test to determine the appropriate location.

:arrow_down: 2.1 Scenario showing the incorrect positioning of camera

:arrow_down: 2.2 Move the Backyard Camera to a more suitable location.

When setting up Wi-Fi Connection please consider the following:

  1. Wi-Fi signal must be 2.4G;
  2. If you want to add additional Range Extender to enhance the signal effect, we suggest placing it between HomeBase and your router.
    We recommend you don’t place the Range Extender between HomeBase and the camera, or between the router and the camera.
  3. If you’re unsure whether your camera has a strong enough signal, there are two tips which may help you:

A) Use “Test Wi-Fi Signal” to check the signal strength of each device;

B) Pay attention to the voice prompts and sounds that indicate poor location for signal.

Power Unlocked!

So you are now a Wi-Fi Connection Expert! Be sure to use this information to make the most out of your new eufy Security product and only receive the alerts which matter to you.

If you encounter any problems during use or have any other questions, please contact our customer service team through the following channels:

1)eufy Security app >Help >Live chat/Call us/Feedback;

2)Ask your questions here at the bottom of this post;

3)Send us an email: support@eufylife.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support.

eufy Security Team


Good helpful information!

great post and thanks for the tips

:wink: Grand to help you guys!

So I’m a very newbe and have a question.
I’m wondering, can the BASE STATION (Eufycam2) be placed on a timer, or can it be set to only operate at night or away modes? Thank you

Just add some wifi extenders to the product line!


Or… allow the cameras to join existing Mesh or existing WiFi?

It’s not obvious whether the 2C cameras are using custom/magic/proprietary RF, Wifi, or something else. I feel a bit uncomfortable being unable to find the concrete technical info about interconnection, privacy, KE protocols, TLS, etc for Eufy products. The documentation that I’ve found seems geared to less technical users.


Big question on this. I’m planning a wireless setup now. Of course there’s some logic in the suggestion you have but our home isn’t compact like that picture AND there’s no way we’ll have a box like that standing around in the middle of our living room to optimise wifi connectivity. Are there any repeater options available?


I agree with Lowww, my home is not so large, but due to some corners in the external walls which Homebase 2 cannot reliably transmitt through (but my normal 2.4GHz WiFi can) I cannot cover the views to make my home safe. A wireless extender or use of the home WiFi / mesh is urgently needed.
I feel that this somewhat makes the whole wireless connectivity feature rather useless - can I connect in a wired camera into my set up to reach these hard to connect corners??
Thanks for considering to add an extender to the Eufy system.


Seems ridiculous that I have my 2.5 acre property covered in mesh wifi already and the eufy cameras can’t tap into that to get info back to the base station.

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