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For this installment, we will take a closer look at our Video Baby Monitor. In particular, how to maintain a stable live-view connection and how to set the correct noise detection and VOX settings. Doing so will ensure that you’re able to check up on your baby at any time.

Stable Live-view Connection

How do I keep a steady live-view connection between my monitor and camera?

Your Baby Monitor uses a private internet connection between the monitor and camera to ensure that you receive fluid live-streaming and privacy while doing so. If at any point you experience issues with the video quality of the live view,please consider the following factors:

  • Make sure the monitor’s external antenna is in the upright position.
  • Try to avoid areas with Wi-Fi enabled devices such as routers.
  • Try to remain within the 20m range limit.
  • Adjust the direction of the camera so that the backside is closer to the direction in which you are likely to be using the monitor.

VOX and Sound Detection Settings

How do I set the correct sound detection and VOX settings?

Built-in sound detection sensors react to changes in noise level to alert you immediately when your little one needs you. When excessive sound is detected an alarm notification will be triggered. The sound detection and VOX (voice-operated exchange) settings can be used to light up your monitor’s screen or alert you when noise is detected.

You may consider changing these settings if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • If you are receiving too many false alerts, try lowering the sound detection sensitivity level. Lowering this setting will also help preserve battery life.
  • If you find are not being notified when your baby needs you, check if the microphone is working correctly or try increasing the sound detection sensitivity level.
  • If you do not want to be disturbed by an alarm, turn off the sound alert in the sound detection settings and set your VOX settings to light up the monitor screen only.

The visual below demonstrates the different levels of sensitivity and the equivalent sounds at which the alarm will be triggered:

:slight_smile: Please note

  • For an alarm or VOX notification to be triggered the sound must last for at least 0.5 seconds.

  • There is a 30 second retrigger interval between clips.

  • Keep a 1.5m distance between your camera and your baby.

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Be sure to use this information to make the most out of your Video Baby Monitor and have peace of mind that you will be able to check up on your little one any time.

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