Unlock the Power of eufy | Motion Detection of Video Doorbell

People really should just read their instructions and go through the app walk-through a with some of these questions. Read first, :laughing: comment later.

Unless I’ll mistaken…That looks like the protective film you were meant to peel off after installation… 2 years ago :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :slightly_smiling_face:

I have the sensitivity turned to 1, human only and zone to bottom 1/4 of viewing area. Get 20-50 notifications a day. Actually drained the battery when it’s plugged into the wiring!

Dam I’m good at what I do

Suddenly last night all three of my cameras went black. I get notifications and sounds, but no picture beyond the first second. Batteries are not flat. Connections seem fine. I always delete recordings to save memory space. Not sure what else to do? I’ve had the system one year.

I’d be happy if it actually recorded an event when it happened. Like right now UPS just came to my door, dropped a package and left without the Eufy going off. After he left the Eufy rings. :worried:

Same here. Where is theagical face only

www.google.com pope is a rockstar

The option of Homebase alarms for night time only would be good.

Totally agree with you, you just got to take the time to set it up properly

How long does the doorbell camera take to charge ? Does the app notify its charged?

setup with incorrect QR code. :joy:

The 1080p grade doorbell camera takes about 40 minutes for me to charge to 100% when it’s at 15% of a charge.
No you get no notification when it’s fully charged. You do get a notification when the battery is low though.

Why eufy camara did not notifications when they action ? I need to open event to see it .

did you not read the article ? It explains how to stop exactly what you’re complaining about :laughing:

The events arent appearing in the app. Updated it and still missing. Something that is crucial in case there is a breach and the support is awful !

When do you sel a powerfull alarm 100db because all your alarm are not enought loud