Unlock the Power of eufy | Motion Detection of Video Doorbell

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How do I recall a video, like 1 week ago? :grinning:


Open the events page, then tap on the top date it will open a calendar then choose the day you wish to view.

Hi thank you for your reply

I have done that, it shows nothing.
Maybe I haven’t explained myself well. Is there a live stream I can look back on? Even though I had no events happening on any day.
Police need to check for something that happened in my street

Hope you can help

Was soll dieser immense Werbemüll für den Elektroschrott von Anker in der App. Das ist grottigste Scheisse und nervt extrem. Sicher ein sehr spezielles Kundenbindungsprpgramm für Idioten? Lasst endlich diesen unsäglichen Müll weg!

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I have owned my video battery doorbell for over 2 years now and I’m starting to have plastic separation on the doorbell that may or may not compromise the electronics inside. I am very disgusted and disappointed that the product is breaking down after 2 years. You pay an arm and leg for a product and it starts breaking down after 2 years? I have contacted customer service and they just brushed me off and thanked me and they’ll tell R&D. Excuse me your product is breaking down after 2 years and that’s all you’re going to do? I’m getting very very upset with eufy products. As soon as I get the money I’m going to sell them all off and hard wire in all my security cameras and security system. Please for God’s sake do not purchase these products they’re junk!

When will the keypad be in stock? I don’t want to buy a set including another homebase I don’t need. The set including the keypad seems to regularly be available but I haven’t seen the keypad in stock for ages. :smirk:

Still waiting for a proper software update that can actually tell the difference between a human, and the hubcap of a parked car or tree in the breeze. Seeing as it’s been over a year and still hasn’t been fixed I’ve essentially given up. 0/10: Still ignores people approaching the door with packages; Still goes off non-stop on static, non-human shaped objects.


I feel there is a lag too long between the time someone rings the bell and the time I can speak to the person

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My door bell seem to be offline now call the company for help and support and still no help are call back been like this for a month now poof service

My doorbell is dark at night time can’t see anything how do I turn on so I can see

I would also like to know that. I used to be able to zone areas and change sensitivity, now that option seems unavailable. I have flowers in my garden sending me alerts all night.

Pull the lamination protective fill off after buying it? I believe that is just a protective cover for shipping

Let me see here hmmmmm… don’t you think that was the first thing I would have done? There was a tab for the plastic protective film. Don’t assume that someone’s an idiot.

when y’all do these updates for the doorbell this time my not doing right, you can’t arm the doorbell when you went to ,keep on tap the app for it to do, and I put it on charge the app say it charge I look at the doorbell still charging up what ever eufy have done it need to be fix. never had a problem until now. you can email about it ,I would love to get you on the phone and talk so fix your app it’s not doing what it supposed to do.

How do I set up motion detection?

Eufy are far superior.

It’s a dodgy review. I love these cameras and have no ads. I think they must be the competition brand rep. Lol