Unlock the Power of eufy | Expanding the Storage of S380 HomeBase (HomeBase 3)

Basically any 2.5 inch in size, SATA interface will work.

Does anybody know where I can buy a 16 TB SST drive?

Thanks ill have a look around

salut, je trouve l’alarme de la home base 3 trop faible. Est il possible d’ajouter une sirène plus puissante et connectée avec la home base 3 ?

Salut, eufy vend une sirène, mais on me dit qu’elle n’est pas si bruyante non plus.

Try Microcenter store

Is there any plans to have WD Mycloud support? It would be great if one day I could pair my HB33 with MyCloud NAS drive

I had to delete the clips of the day many times to finally get them all deleded.
I finally found that , once you select to delete all, you have to scroll down to the last event before pressing the delete button. Then all are deleted.

works perfectly and incredibly simple to follow directions

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Eufy are a joke. The software team has not yet enabled features they said they would and their pc interface is a joke.

You can get a 2.5" HD Enclosure that can fit 2 - 4 (M.2) SSD Drives they also usually have RAID options built in the enclosure for double backup space, more speed or a mix of both… Clearly were looking for the max storage, they Also have a 2.5" enclosure that fits 12-Micro SD cards inside and then connected as one large capacity 2.5" SATA Drive and it’s also SSD no moving parts, thts the cheapest way I’ve found to get the most storage space out of that situation. Just have to get a good deal on 12 decent mSD Cards since they work together as one, 100mb/s Read and 75+mb/s Write speed will work and easily max out the 480ish MBs SATA drive speed Amazon has the enclosures as well as the storage options mentioned above… :laughing: