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My doorbell only rings on my phone

Is there any way to purchase just the doorbell chime?

Motion alarm is very annoying. Should be able to switch off , not have to let it sound till auto stop.!

for what reason eufy’s video doorbell loses wifi range, for a year there was no problem, and now even when the battery is full, after an hour or two of correct operation, it loses wifi signal, restarting does not help

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I had this problem today

My normal cameras are so slow to wake up I feel the doorbell option would be a mood point and visitors would just be photographed as they leave

When you open the app, you can see your video footage. There are 3 dots on the bottom right. If you click that, then click the gear (settings), you can select whether or not you want the motion notification on.

Would be nice if they had a live chat with people who replied back, I have a nother non smart, product and the support is so so good I’d not buy from anyone else, :grinning:

There app seams to be a bit all over the place, can’t ever find what I’m looking for in the app, and the ad,s as you load the ap and inside is annoying,

Our Virgin Hub3 had to be set up as two channel for the doorbell to use 2.4mhz. Virgin have updated us to the Hub5 at over 1Gb, the Bell connected ok. The notifications are now sporadic but the WiFi Signal Tests using an iPad are high. I can’t find any advice for separating the channels on the Hub5 (plenty for Hub3). Any advice please on a more effective connection to use this Bell.