Unlock the Power of eufy | Camera Activity Zones

Here is an example of Eufy’s help:

Faye at Eufy is writing back to me:

Faye: try to disable auto-cruise

my answer>>>> I disabled auto-cruise the first day because I preferred to see only straight ahead to my driveway. I immediately reduced my presets from 3 to only one also.

Faye: If this issue persists, please also provide us with the information below to investigate:

my answer>>>> The problem has not happened again. (The problem was the camera went to extreme right then straight then right then straight over and over again for a minute after motion ceased.) Here is what I did. I disabled auto calibration. Then, per your video, I wanted to do manual calibration but I could not find it. I sent a inquiry to Eufy. Then I found calibration by scrolling up on main camera view screen. I calibrated manually and the problem has not re-ocurred.

thank you Faye!

1,Select the camera you are setting.
2, Touch the 3 dots.
3, Settings (the cog)
4, Select motion detection,
5, Select activity zone.

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Stop are rubbish, worse couldn’t get the to work even support suggested I send them back

Mal funktioniert die Müllkamra korrekt, mal nicht. Was immer klappt ist der Werbescheiss für noch mehr Anker-Mist!

Heel graag in het Nederlans…ik kan hier niks mee…groetjes

Ik ben er ook niet weg van…heb eufy nou 3 maanden…hij neemt heel vaak niet op…alles is goed aangesloten zoals het hoort…ik kan de zone ook niet instellen en ik zie alleen op mijn smartpfone wie er voor de deur staat…op het schermpje krijg ik niet voor elkaar…in Amerika wel daar moet nog een update voor komen…ben benieuwd…

Are you hitting the check mark on the bottom right to lock in your changes?

I have a four camera setup. kit but can only download Two cameras. Now do I load the other two.i am enjoying the first two cameras I loaded in the Home Base .

Iv had my eufy 2k dual camera double security for about 2-3 months now and I can say its the best camera Iv had so far. Alot of setting but really easy to set up. Holds charge for weeks. Only issues I have is I dont think the recording is long enough and its set for longest time unless iv done something wrong. Also my last camera when doorbell was pressed the picture outside would pop up straight on my phone which this one doesnt so dont always see notification if im at work and miss whos at my door. Would be great to include this in an update. Apart from that im well pleased with it :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

I have had excellent support from Anker Australia. Google them to get the contact details. Very helpful.

Need memory card for saving anything…FYI. :grinning:

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Thank you for the tip. I have emailed their tech team. Hope I get better response than from eufy. I would never recommend them. The issues I have had and the lack of back up support is so bad.

Where would I find rotation settings for the 2C?

www.google.com eufy is great to use

I’m still trying to figure this out. Does the Pan and Tilt Solo Indoor cam have a privacy setting where the camera turns away and stops recording? I have 2 of those cameras so far. I read that the Indoor Cam Mini does have the privacy setting, but it seems that camera may be out of production?

Activity zones needs a rework. Setting up a zone is easy sure but the camera doesn’t follow the zone rule. It’ll pick someone/thing up outside the zone but if they come into the zone it fails to activate until it’s to late.