Unified Device Modes + Geofencing Beyond HomeBase2

So, after installing EufyCam2’s, a Wired Doorbell, and the new Indoor 2K Cameras, I have discovered an annoying problem with how device modes are listed under the Security Tab in the App. For whatever reason, each of the device types (HomeBase2, Each individual Indoor Camera, and the Doorbell Camera) all have separate device modes (Home, Away, Schedule, etc). It would be nice to have a unified option in which I can easily set all devices to “Away” or “Home” without having to select each individual device and manually set each one.

In addition, while I do like the option of being able to set each device separately for certain situations, one thing that I noticed is that only the HomeBase2 has the Geofencing option. The other separate cameras do not. It would be nice to use this option across all of the devices such that I can easily use Geofencing to set all devices from Home to Away, again, without having to manually set each one.

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You aren’t the only one who’s requested the type of unification. I’m told by support that it’s in the works but I have no idea of a timeline. I’ve been tempted to jump ship and go with another brand that has more unity among it’s products (like Ring), but i’m so impressed with the video quality of Eufy at this price point, it’s kind of hard to justify doing it.