Unexpected activity

Unknow kids rings doorbell often at night , any advice

I would get a bigger angle on the wedge as it reflects very badly on the wall now. This also causes the image to be less clear at night.

Aside from that, I really think you should resolve the matter privately. Talk to the person and figure out what’s going on. It looks like the time is 8:30PM/20:30hrs so that’s not ‘night’. If you’re scared, call the cops, otherwise open the door and talk to the feller.

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The thing is, they could be testing to see if anyone is at home. If you feel vulnerable, have a friend or 2 with you when you catch and confront them. Give them a polite warning to stop that sh!( otherwise you will pass the images to the authorities. If you are friendly with your neighbours, and if they also have video/cameras, see if they have captured anything suspicious around the same time. It’s better to have more awareness that this is going on in the neighbourhood.

My question would be is that cord on the ground when he is coming up to the door something that you had on the ground or is that something he is bringing up to the door each time.

I do find that weird if he is bringing it up to the door and would be suspicious of what the intention of that cord was.

If you have a second camera, I would place it to the left hand side of his body to get a better picture of that. Although I can not exactly tell where his left hand is at but was assuming it was behind his body and holding that cord potentially.

@Jwang383 At night, I have several cameras that are set to alarm if anything approaches our vehicles, windows, porch, or doorway. In over a year, we’ve only had one person approach our cars, and ran off once the alarms went off.

You can also set automations that turn on lights or set a water sprinkler when the cameras sense motion.