Unable to share cameras to family member

Hi there,

I’ve seen numerous threads of moderators repeating the same old uninstall, resend email, reboot etc. We add an email to gain access, she gets the email find but the app just isn’t prompting an accept message. This is annoying as I need many users to see the cameras and it just isn’t up to scratch.

This is clearly a developer issue, promised when purchasing and isn’t coming through. Any help apart from simple 1st line instructions?


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refer this to solve!

I has issue trying to invite my relatives as admin too. The reason is the account that they are created is not in the same region as your acc. Try to login with your relatives acc and click on the About option u will see the location of their acc either US or EU. Always make sure your acc and the person you want access to your cams have the same location.

I fix this issues by emailing the tech team at support@eufylife.com. I gave the tech support serial of one of my cam and tell him to set location of all of my relatives “app logins” (include gmails and hotmails acc) to US (or the location same as your acc).