Unable to record live video

Anyone else having this problem where you’re no longer able to record videos from the camera’s live view? I just noticed it last night (8/25/20). It appears as though it’s working, and when I stop the recording I get the message that the video is being saved to my phone album, but it never actually saves. I’m still able to download clips from the events tab. This is happening with all my outdoor 2Pro2k cams that connect to the HomeBase2, not the indoor cams, and not even to the battery doorbell (which also connects to the same base station).

App still has storage permission, and phone has plenty of storage space. Rebooted everything (cam, base, router, phone), but problem persists.

Android app version v2.0.1-676
HomeBase 2 firmware


Yes same thing to me about a week ago stoped to record live video i try everything but no luck i try diferent devices only keep picture but not keep video live records i believe problem come from apk itself need fixed

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It works to record video live streaming if you uninstal the version you have of this apk 2.1.2 and download the older version of apk 2.0.0. and dont update until will release a good version without bugs https://m.apkpure.com/eufy-security/com.oceanwing.battery.cam/download/672-APK?from=versions%2Fversion

I appreciate the suggestion, but I don’t sideload apks from unknown or untrusted sources. I’m not familiar with apkpure, but I do know the guys at apkmirror and it’s there.
Rolling back to an older version also means bringing back the problem of some event video freezing and it also means losing geofence for the indoor cams. I’ve gotta think about which is worse. Edit: I won’t lose geofencing if I roll back to v2.0.0_672

For me personal video freezing never has an issues but is important to record live stream on my device since the new update apk is much whorse i cant use it until comes a new one better. You can try older version see if do job for you apkmirror i use for year and never had any problem is easy the store older apk version

Same here with eufycam 2. Strange how one thing is broken and another issue fixed.
Have you contacted support? Last time I mailed them about the playback issue, they acted very quickly.

Just got system 2pro, Android app version v2.0.1-676.
Most everything works well, except like 1st post, record live view, says saving, but the file is not there.

same here… no fix yet

Just wanted to update that this live view recording issue still ongoing as of today 03/11/2020. Really disappointed.

Sounds like you don’t have the Storage (or iPhone equivalent) permission granted. You would still be able to view the video and event clips, but not save it to your phone. I’m an Android user, but several people on this board have had the exact same issue on Android and fixed it by granting permission to save to storage. Eufy has 2 folders where it saves to local storage. One is EufyVideoDir and the other is Snapshots.

this is from another post and worked for me